Many cities and towns have celebrations during the year. There is usually a parade and some festivities at a park. Salt Lake is probably best known for the Days of 47 where they celebrate their pioneer heritage with a big parade downtown and a rodeo. Provo has the Freedom Festival on the 4th of July to celebrate American Independence. 

Here’s my top 5 of the best lesser-known festivals in Utah. 

Steel Days in American Fork

It was changed from Poultry Days in 1945 to recognize the coming of the steel industry to the area. Hopefully the chickens still get some recognition during the festivities. It is in mid-July. 

Butlerville Days in Cottonwood Heights

This is not a celebration about hiring sculpted manservants to open doors, it actually looks back to the Butler Ranch that was in the area. It is a celebration of their founding and pioneer heritage. Check it out at the end of July 

Hay Days in Tremonton


Celebrates their German and agricultural heritage. I'm glad they didn't go for 'Alfalfa Days'. This way it sounds like a good time to make some hay. It takes place in July just before Pioneer Day. 

International Days in Price

I wouldn’t expect to find diversity of foods and people in this former mining town, but of all the places in Utah, this is apparently where to find it. Check it out the first part of August. 

Golden Onion Days in Payson

I don’t know if all the tasty fruits were taken, like strawberries, peaches and raspberries, and all that was left was the humble onion, but I'm glad it got its day. Just take a package of breath mints. It is celebrated in late August. 

I want to make a float and spend the year taking it through the parade of each of these celebrations. 

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