Is Your VHS Collection Valuable?

My wife’s parents are moving from a house here in Southern Utah to a condominium which means condensing a lot of their possessions. Like many of us, her mom lived at the time when we were trying to create our own video store at home. She has a large VHS collection. What should she do with it?  

Like other items from the past that make us feel nostalgic, VHS tapes have become a collection item. Tapes with misprints or are iconic and rare can be worth a lot of money. Those that have never been opened or special editions can also be worth something. 

Here are the five rarest VHS tapes according to Screen Rant: 

5. Twister 

Released in 1997, a sealed copy is worth $2,000. 

4. Star Wars 

The 1982 release. A sealed copy goes for $3,500 or more. 

3. Beauty and the Beast 

This Disney classic with a Black Diamond label is listed for $10,000 plus. 

2. E.T 

Holographic E.T. the extra-terrestrial limited edition. Worth around $40,000 

1. Goonies 

A sealed copy of the 1986 release could fetch $125,000 

Anything that makes the VHS unique can increase the price. Disney movies have been collection items for years. If they are unwrapped and are whole collections they definitely have value to a collector. The price depends what someone is willing to pay for it. Keep your eye out for anything that would make it rare.

I think I will take some time to look at the videos in my mother-in-law's collection. Who knows what treasure might be hidden there. Or maybe she can find somewhere to stuff them in the condo and let them sit for another decade and become even more collectable.

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