Who Pays for the Damage from Errant Golf Balls? 

Even the best of golfers hit shots that don’t go towards the green where they were aiming. You take someone like me who has an amazing slice with at least 50% of my shots, and you have a number of missiles that could hit a home, vehicle, or even another golfer. 

Who is responsible for the damage when a golf shot goes astray? Surprisingly, it isn’t a cut and dried thing. Most courses place the responsibility on the golfer and some will even post signs to that effect. However, if the one who hit the shot can’t be found or denies it, what happens?  

If you build a home near a golf course, there is an inherent risk that the law feels you should be aware of. In this case the homeowner would be responsible for the damage. If there were not the normal circumstances, like a fence or net was down, the golf course would then be responsible. 

What Should You Do If You Have a Wicked Slice? 

If you know you have a hard time hitting the ball down the green, you might do what I do. When I come to a green with houses on either side, I just skip that part, or I place my ball further up where it is less likely I leave a broken window. I don’t golf enough to really care if I don’t tee up every shot. 

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I didn’t always do this. It came to me after I hit from a tee box and sent my ball to the right towards a nearby hole. The ball actually landed in a trash can, which was cool, except for the guy standing next to it throwing a wrapper in. He was not happy. This is why I skip greens with too much potential danger. 

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