Retail Space by the New Wammer’s Gas Station 

The new Sinclar gas station on Washington Fields road  has a building for retail space next to it. There is space for a few retailers and has people who live nearby wondering what will be coming.

According to Macrae Heppler with “What’s Happening in Southern Utah”, Baskin Robbins is set to open here. He says they are currently talking with other retailers for the other two locations. What those businesses are has not yet been revealed. 

Franchises Missing in Southern Utah 

From the top 50 Restaurant list in the United States, these are the franchises we do not have in our area. Whataburger is big in the south with 785 locations. Also, Checkers and Rally’s burger would be fun. 

There are many chicken places from the list that are up north but haven’t made their way down to the southern end of the state including Raising Canes, Church’s Chicken and Bojangles. Marco’s Pizza is the only pizza on the list we don’t have. 

We Love Our Desserts 

There are never enough places to grab something sugary. How about Moon Pies from Tennessee. These aren’t the dry kind sold at convenience stores, but the real thing that inspired them.  

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Or maybe just a place where you walk in, and they spray whip cream into your mouth and straight down your throat. This is a great idea, and if you steal it, I expect a plaque on the wall acknowledging me for the inspiration. 

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