Utah is projected to grow to a population of five million in the next 25 years. Much of that population growth is going to come to Washington County. The warm southern part of the state seems to be the most attractive for people looking to move. 

Utah County has a projected growth of 101.5%, Wasatch County at 131.9% and that gives the highest percentage in Washington County at a booming 155.1%. That would put the population of Washington County at 464,000 by 2060. 

If you were wondering, Emery County is the smallest with a projected growth of 9.2%

St. George would have a different look. With that size population, what would Washington County offer its citizens? Maybe a zoo or wild life park. I asked AI to imagine it.

attachment-Zoo park

Apparently AI thinks there will be new breeds of animals

Probably a couple more Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint temples and maybe a Hindu temple as well.

attachment-Temples plus hindu

I like how AI envisions the temples in the future as mega-size. 

Certainly by then we will have an Ikea store. 


Smaller than I expected and with a different name, but hey, we're making progress.

An amusement park. 

attachment-Rides with people

We could just add on to the All-Abilities Park.

Minor League baseball team.

attachment-baseball in SG

Home of the St. George Wound Fin Minnows.

The growth of Washington County doesn't look like it will slow down anytime soon. Whatever happens in the future, we can expect more growth. Maybe in a couple hundred years it will look something like this:

attachment-Desert city

If this is the future, I'm moving to Kanosh.

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