Life is hard. There are no easy answers, and to be fair our parents, teachers and mentors did the best they could, giving us the best advice they had.

But part of getting older is realizing that just because those people were our elders and had lived longer, doesn't mean that they weren't total idiots.

If you don't believe me, check out your grandparents latest posts on Facebook. Those same people who taught you about life, are the same people who now think that the earth is flat and Tom Hanks has been replaced by a pedophile Android.

It's probably best to listen to others, but ultimately come to our own conclusions about life.

When we asked you, the 92.1 listeners, what bad advice you received growing up in Utah, you did not disappoint.

Here are some bad ideas that were passed on as if they were good ideas. And may heaven have mercy on our misguided souls.

BAD ADVICE We Received Growing Up In Utah

We asked people in Utah to tell us the WORST ADVICE they were ever given. Here are some of the most common answers.
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