With the announcement from McDonalds that they are bringing back the Double Big Mac, a burger with four patties rather than just the measly two, it took me back to my childhood when I first experienced the burger. It also made me feel nostalgic for the different food items  introduced over the years when I was growing up in Utah.  

We didn’t eat out much when I was growing up. We had an orchard in Salem and sometimes when we had worked all day cleaning ditches, my dad would splurge on the basic cheeseburgers. He would by a bag full and we would wolf them down like it was the last meal of the condemned. 

I have lived long enough to be around when the Big Mac was first introduced. I remember when my older brother brought one home for the first time. We ogled at the size of the burger and couldn’t imagine someone being able to eat it all. It seems like food and drink portions were smaller then. 


One of my fondest memories of the chain was the apple and cherry pies. Originally, they were deep fried and were delivered to you at the same temperature as glowing lava. One careful bite would send out air from the inside that could scald a lip if you weren’t careful. You could hang on to that sucker for an hour and it was still burning hot. 

Here is a list of discontinued items from McDonalds from over the years. I especially like the onion nuggets. I don’t remember them, and it is probably for a good reason. But there some items on here I would love to see come back.

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