How popular is the state of Utah? Well, at least one measure of popularity would be how many people want to move in, right? I mean that would be more indicative than the number of people who live there, if your state had a big population, but everyone was trying to get out that would mean that state is less popular. With this logic, Utah finds itself on the top ten list of most popular states in the nation.

Photo by Önder Örtel on Unsplash
Photo by Önder Örtel on Unsplash

The pandemic really slowed growth for most of our states, but as of this year, growth trends seem to be back.

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash
Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Where does Utah sit compared to other states as far as growth goes? If you look at percentage growth Utah is #9 in the nation with a 1.1 percent increase in residents.


Here is the percentage list

1 South Carolina 1.7%

2 Florida 1.6%

3 Texas 1.6%

4 Idaho 1.3%

5 North Carolina 1.3%

6 Delaware 1.2%

7 District of Columbia 1.2%

8 Tennessee 1.1%

9 Utah 1.1%

10 Georgia 1.1%

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

That is pretty impressive, but you might be thinking that the percentage statistic is overly complimentary to smaller population states which is true. However, even if you look at the data from numerical point of view Utah is still in the top ten, actually at the #10 position.

1 Texas 473,453

2 Florida 365,205

3 North Carolina 139,526

4 Georgia 116,077

5 South Carolina 90,600

6 Tennessee 77,513

7 Arizona 65,660

8 Virginia 36,599

9 Colorado 36,571

10 Utah 36,498

The United States saw a 53% increase in the same time period so we can assume that Utah's growth came in part from an influx from other states which allowed Utah to be able to get above the national growth percentage.

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