I hate wrapping gifts. When they offer to wrap it when I purchase something, it is a yes and a sigh of relief. I know I’m not the only one and I know how a stack of presents waiting to be wrapped piled up in the closet can make the Holidays seem like a burden.

I can build a wooden bed frame, redecorate my bathroom, and install a drip system in the yard. Yet when I try to wrap a present, it looks like Charlie Brown did it after sniffing too many crayons. Luckily the internet is always a resource. 

There are many how to videos online. Here’s a few I liked:

Wrapping it perfect 

Even watching this video my wrapping job didn't come out perfect, but it was better than my usual attempts.

Funky folds for a cool look 

Truthfully, some of my gifts look like this without trying. Usually because I didn't cut enough paper and I have to slap an extra piece on to cover the gap.

Make wrapping paper into a bag 

I'm not sure why you would do this as you can buy a decent gift bag at Walmart for under a dollar. I have gone that route a few times.

Whatever you do this year, I hope the joy of giving isn't overshadowed by the stress of wrapping. I know I am a grown man and have no excuse for the pitiful offerings I put under the tree every year. Thanks to YouTube, I am getting slightly better.

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