Part of the reason we choose décor for our homes is to impress friends and family who come to visit. Sure, you like the look of Michael Jordan’s unwashed socks from the championship game hanging framed on the wall, but you really have them there to hear the admiration of your bros when they come over. 

I didn’t really understand this until recently when we redid our master bathroom. Now, the first thing we do when someone visits is drag them in there and show it off. The number of times my wife and I brought someone into our personal bathroom in the past is zero. 

Here are three easy things you can do to your house that will cost you nothing or are inexpensive that will impress your guests. 

Roll Your Towels Like A Fancy Hotel

Leave a couple on the counter for the look. Fold a stack that looks like the hotel maid just dropped them off from housekeeping. Your guests will feel like they are staying somewhere special.

New Soap Dispensers


Replace the branded soap bottles from the grocery store with glass bottles that are easy to refill and look so much cleaner. You can get these for the shower as well so that you don't have a rack of half filled shampoo and body wash bottles.

Light-up Outlets

Get rid of clunky nightlights that take up a plug and replace them with these sexy covers with reflected light down the wall. Make the kitchen, bathroom and hallway glow.

Pay attention to what others have in their house and take note of little things that impress you. Sometimes its the little details that can make the difference. And it may be time to hang Michael Jordan's sweat socks in the garage.

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