A new paint created at Perdue University could make a difference on your air conditioning bill here in Southern Utah. Maybe you’ve thought of getting solar panels or tinting for your windows to save money on that summer electric bill. Those are not bad ideas, but maybe add super reflective paint to your list. 

It is well known that painting something white will lower the temperature by reflecting light from the sun. Most white paints reflect up to 80% of the sun's rays. This paint developed at Perdue can reflect up to 98.1% of light and deflect the heat as well. It is detailed in an article put out by the University. 

What makes the paint so reflective is a chemical called barium sulfate that is found in photo paper. This is in the paint in different sizes and increases the ability to deflect light and heat. It can be made like other paints and even better, this paint shouldn’t cost any more and may even cost less than regular white paint. 

They have been developing the paint for 6 years and found it cools a building by eight degrees in the daytime. Even more amazing, during the night, it lowered the temperature by 18 degrees as it isn’t just the sunlight it deflects, but also the ambient heat of the night. Perdue is working to patent the paint and make it available.

What would St George look like if more and more buildings and home were to take on this super white look? The temple in the center of town might be hard to pick out before too long.  


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