It might be time to update your hair style 

If you are tired of how you look or you are wearing your hair the same way you did in Junior High, it might be time to change things up. Styles are a moving target and if you aren’t paying attention, you will get behind. 

I talked with Tierra Engle the owner of Leather and Bone, a beauty salon in St. George. She has been doing hair for a long time and has watched styles come and go. She says most of the styles are driven by the internet. 

What Style is Hot Right Now? 

I asked Tierra what styles are popular and she said the 90’s are really hitting hard right now. "Tons of layers around the face and in the back. Those big blow outs are really in. Girls want that high volume and really big hair." 

The Jennifer Aniston Bob

Like Tierra said, the 90's are back hard and nobody did it better than Jennifer Aniston.

The Butterfly Cut

A little longer with that 90's feel.

The Wolf Cut

Tierra says the Wolf Cut is a shorter version of the Butterfly Cut. It has lots of layers.

Curtain Bangs

"They are kind of like bangs but they look kind of like curtain pulled to the side just a little bit," said Tierra.

What About Hairstyles for Guys?

She says that guys still really like perms. Also, guys are going back to the bleached tips or the bleached all over look. She said a lot of the bleach is more yellow rather than the white bleach that hair dresser strive for.

It still seems that bald isn't the look most guys want, so I guess it will be another year for me not being with the in crowd.

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