Surfboards in the desert

Where do you go to get a top-level surfboard to head to the beach and catch some waves?

If your first thought wasn’t Washington City, Utah, it should have been. Chris Ruddy grew up on the beaches of California and began making surfboards as part of his passion. He sold them to surf shops throughout the golden state and around the world. 


As costs for manufacturing and labor skyrocketed and more competition came in from overseas, Ruddy decided to close down his business and do something else. When California continued to get more and more crazy, he eventually made his way to Southern Utah. In 2020 Ruddy decided to start making surfboards again.  

How does making boards in Utah work?

“People ask, how can you make surfboards in Utah?” said Ruddy. “We load every square inch of the van and take them down. I feel at home here. It’s how California used to be.” 


Expanding to Wakeboards

He now makes wakesurf boards as well. There is a lot of demand for these in Utah with our beautiful reservoirs and because he builds them right here in Utah, his turnaround time is much faster than something built in Asia. Ruddy makes the wakesurf boards with the same quality as the surfboards using carbon fiber.

So, if you are looking to get into surfing and want a world class board, don’t head to a state near the ocean. Your board is being built right here in Southern Utah. If you want to know more about his story, check out this podcast.

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