According to an article I read today from the Sports Business Journal, the Triple A PCL Salt Lake Bees will be moving out of the stadium we've all known and loved for a long time. Find out more here about the Salt Lake Bees New Home   They will stay in the area but play their games in a new stadium in South Jordan's Daybreak.

I really like the Bees stadium.  Smith's Ballpark has been their home since 1994. It's been a great place to see a ballgame and there isn't a bad seat in the house.  But Daybreak is a really nice area too and who doesn't like to get a new stadium for their team?

As the farm club for the California Angels, this stadium has seen some biggies get their start there.  Mike Trout, Mike Napoli, AJ Ramos, Mark Trumbo, Bill Hall, (former Cardinal) David Freese and more.

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I love to sit behind home plate to watch games but I've also had a great time sitting in the grass beyond the outfield.  Lots of kids take home a souvenir baseball or two from every game.  There was talk of a name change to Utah Bees instead of Salt Lake Bees but we'll have to wait for something official on that.

I'm hoping to see a trip to the ballgame move up on the menu of entertainment choices for the family.  It is ALWAYS fun to go watch a baseball game.  I remember walking into Busch stadium in St Louis when I was about 8 years old and my little mind could barely take it all in.  I'm sure there are a lot of kids with similar memories of their first Bees game.

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