Publishing a book is much easier than you think. There was a time when you would write a book and send your manuscript off to as many publishers as possible and hope you could weather the never ending rejection letters until finally someone would recognize your genius. 

The other option was to self-publish, which meant a lot of money spent to actually produce a paper copy, and then many more dollars tossed into getting it into bookstores and in front of reader’s eyes.  

With the advent of the internet and places like Amazon, it is now both easy and cost effective to self-publish. The site even helps you with the advertising. The hardest thing about getting a paper copy of your book in your hands is actually sitting down to write it. 

I have written a three-book series that took over 5 years to write and less than a few days to publish on Amazon, with a paperback mailed to me in about a week. 

Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP is available from the Amazon site. It walks you through the process of uploading your manuscript and checking for errors. You can then upload a book cover. If you don’t have one produced, there is a place to have one designed and they will give you the price. 

Next step, you can produce it digitally or as a paperback or both. Once you have reviewed your book and it looks good you can send it to be published. And all of this costs...absolutely nothing, zip, zero. It’s pretty inspiring.  

In years past, you would have to print a bunch of books at a time, not here. They print the book as requested. Meaning that when someone orders the book...they print it, then send you your cut. You can determine how much to charge and what your percentage is.  

Now you just have to get someone to read it. But they help with that too. You can buy advertisements on Amazon and place them where people who might be interested are looking, or they offer certain times when you can give your book away for free or at a discount. 

You know you have a book you’ve been wanting to write. Start pounding on those keys, because it has never been easier to get it published. 


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