Today I replaced my two front tires and it has me thinking about them. Did you know the tires on your vehicle can be used at a crime scene like a fingerprint? The tread pattern, how it has worn, defects and things like rocks that make impressions in the rubber makes each tire unique. There is a guy at Firestone that analyzes tire treads for the police. His last name is McDonald and this is a case he worked on. 

 In Largo, Fla., tire tracks were found next to a prostitute who had been killed. Police sent photographs to McDonald, and he was able to determine the brand and size of the tire and the likely vehicle. Police then took that information to local tire dealerships and checked purchase records. They discovered that the woman who purchased the tire lived with a man who had recently served time in prison for violent crime. The tire impression led police right to the door of the murderer. 

I asked the guys at Eagle Tire while I was there today if they had ever had the police ask for their assistance and they said they had not. They did say they have seen a lot of weird stuff in tires. 

One guy had a wrench that not only punctured the tire but went through the metal wheel as well. I can’t imagine how that happened. Maybe some sort of pressurized wrench gun?

An older lady drove her car in, and she had smacked both front tires so hard that the wheels were oblong. That had to be a fun ride. It must of felt like a carnival ride or a really bad washboard.

Then there's these guys who made a tire out of duct tape. I would like to see the man at Firestone try to figure out the tread from this vehicle.

Just remember if you are the criminal type, you are going to have to wear more than gloves to cover up you fingerprints, maybe wrap the tire in duct tape as well.

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