Test Your Dog’s DNA 

We have a dog named Molly that used to run the streets of San Bernadino. She was rounded up with other dogs running loose and we adopted her at an event at Petco. She’s a good dog, although she still likes to roam the neighborhood if you forget to close the gate. 


She is a mix and we have never been sure of what breeds. There is definitely some chihuahua in there and possibly some beagle. Now we can know exactly what she is and even the percentages with a dog DNA test. 

Some Tests are Better Than Others 

Most of the kits that will tell you your dog’s breed cost from $80 to $150. You take a sample of the dog’s slobber and send it to the company to get your results. Finally, you will be able to answer the question of what breed your dog is. 

Be warned that all tests are not equal. Here is a story of a DNA company in Toronto. A human reporter swabbed their own saliva and sent it in. The results came back saying she was 40% Alaskan Malamute.  

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In case you doubt those results, another reporter tried the same thing, and they were listed as mostly Labrador. I would still double check to see if either of those reporters don’t have a canine as an ancestor. 

Send Dog Saliva to a Human DNA Test 

I kind of want to take Molly’s saliva and send it into Ancestor.com for a test. It would be fun to see how good those tests are. I’m guessing she has some Irish in there the way she barks at the door. 

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