I like the sculptures found around St George on the sidewalks in the historic downtown area and at the hospital.

There are a couple of knights in full armor on Main St. that look like they are getting ready to eat a feast or maybe battle it out. There are usually big ones at the roundabouts by the St. George Art museum and on Tabernacle St. You can find smaller ones by the St. George Children’s Museum and splash pad. 

These sculptures haven't always stayed the same. You might remember the giant spider that is now haunting Fiesta Fun. There was also a massive guitar at one of the roundabouts that I particularly liked. This spring many new sculptures were brought in.

This is all the work of Art Around the Corner Foundation, a non-profit group that coordinates with artists to display their works in these locations. It is the 19th year they have been displaying pieces and features close to 30 different works. If you want to find all of the different sculptures, you can download a map from their website. You can also see pictures and information on the sculptures there as well.

I enjoy what this adds to the city and always take a minute to appraise the different sculptures I run into. Even though I have a humanities degree, I would not consider myself much of an art expert. In fact, I’m probably more heathen than art critic. But here’s some pieces you can find in St. George and my thoughts on each. I didn't get the name of each, so the labels on each picture are mine.

What is your interpretation of these St George Sculptures?

Here are some of the 30 sculptures you can see in downtown St George.

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