The Oldest Account of the Gospel of Thomas Found 

Researchers in Germany found a partial piece of parchment with crude writing on it. Because of the lack of care in the script, they assumed it was a shopping list or some sort of receipt from long ago. 

As they began to decode the words, they discovered it was part of an apocryphal book from fourth or fifth century Christian text known as the Gospel of Thomas. They now think it was from someone learning to be a scribe which would explain the poor writing. 

The Text Describes Jesus as a Child 

The portion of the text describes a scene where Jesus as a young child is by a small stream working with mud on the bank. He is molding sparrows from the clay and when his father Joseph rebukes him for doing it on the sabbath. Jesus claps his hands and the birds come alive and fly away. 

This is just one story in the Gospel of Thomas about Jesus’ childhood. The book is considered a later recreation of what Jesus might have been like and is not part of the biblical cannon. 

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If you would like to read a translation of the “Infancy Gospel of Thomas” you can find it here. It is easy to see why it is considered a later reproduction as it portrays Jesus as an angry child with the power to curse or bless, but it seems like a lot of cursing. 

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