It’s the Friday before Ironman 70.3 meaning Southern Utah will be packed for the next two days with traffic, athletes and visitors.  

This event is fantastic for the local economy and brings thousands of people to the area but as a resident, it can be a challenging few days. If you are anything like me and just don’t want to deal with the traffic impacts downtown and all the detours, I highly recommend making the day a homebody retreat.  

A lot of St. George life is held downtown and it’s a great place to head on a normal weekend, but it will be a challenge to get to this Saturday and some business may be closed. So, change your plans and prep for Ironman 70.3 like a local.  

Ways To Avoid Ironman 70.3 Talk and Traffic Like a Pro: 

One way to spend the day is an all-out movie, games, and crafts day with the family. Head to one of the Walmarts today and grab some supplies so you won’t have to fight traffic in the morning. Duh, the whole point is to have an easy day. Plus, the new Bridgeton just came out so it will be the perfect opportunity to binge-watch it. 

Make it a spa day. Get those facemasks, bath bombs, and essential oils ready because tomorrow is a great day to rejuvenate and heal from the week. Stay home and throw on some relaxing music to just chill instead of checking Ironman 70.3 traffic detours. Plus, the weather is supposed to be pretty good tomorrow so maybe sunbathing or a swim? Just a thought.  

Learn a new skill. Download a language app or watch some YouTube videos and spend a few hours learning a new skill. Maybe there is an old sowing kit your mom got you for Christmas three years ago that you could break out and try. Or grab that dusty guitar out of the closet and strum a few chords, learn a new song.  

Lastly, maybe your place of residence can use a deep clean. This is a perfect idea for those who still want to feel productive on Saturday but choose to stay at home. Most likely the supplies are already at home and that means there is little to no prep for this option.  


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