Bent Trees In the Forest 

If you see a bent tree in the forest of Utah, you have stumbled on an ancient way to navigate forests by native peoples. This isn’t just any bent tree getting pushed over or laying on the ground. This is one where the trunk has been purposefully bent in an “L” shape to stand out.

According to a site called Mountain Stewards, native Americans had a technique to bend the trees when they were young to mark a trail and navigate the woods. This organization has documented many of the bent trees, especially in the eastern part of the country. 

Rock Art and Petroglyphs 

In the southwest, there are more marks on the rocks than the trees, but they still exist. These trees are growing old and there is less chance of finding a bent one. Still, this method of marking an area is cool to see, kind of like the rocks stacked in caroms used by hikers today.

There are also markings cut into the bark of the tree by native peoples as well as from the Spanish explorers who searched the land for gold. These, of course, are becoming harder to find as the trees age. 

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Maybe one day in the future they will study the forest service signs we use to mark trails. Somehow, I don’t think it will contain the same mystery as finding a bent tree trunk in the forest. 

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