Very few people have seen what it looks like in the St George temple now that it has been renovated. This is my opportunity to be in the know. I like to go to movie premieres of super hyped films because the next day, everyone wants to know what I thought of it. After a week it's too late. Nobody cares what I think.

You can now schedule a self-guided tour of the St. George temple. Dates for the public open house are September 15 to November 11. My wife asked me when I would like to go, and I told her to get one for the first day possible, of course. 

It’s a power thing. If I know something you don’t, I have the control. It’s good for the ego to be in the know. If you were one who saw Taylor Swift in concert this year, everyone wants to know what it was like. It gives you a certain amount of cache. 

I have a contractor friend who has already seen inside the renovated temple, and he’s been living the life of the inside information guy for a month. It’s too late to be him, but at least I can beat all the other people who will take the tour. 

I am hoping to see some of the cool historical items like the podium Brigham dented with his cane. My sisters don’t even live in Southern Utah, and they were shown all these things several years ago and have been lording it over me ever since. 

There are tours every five minutes Monday through Friday with 80 people per tour. I am going the first Friday with my family, but I think I’m going to see if I can schedule a time in the morning so that when we start the tour, I can turn to my wife and say, “Oh, I already saw this.” 

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