This May Be Your Road to Fame 

Everyone wants to be known and recognized by others for their accomplishments. The problem is most of us are somewhat ordinary. What we do excel at is often not something others don't take note of. I am really good at flossing my teeth, but the only one who cares is the dental assistant and she usually makes me feel like I could do better. 

The solution to this problem is to become good at something that will grab people’s attention. Think about something people gather in crowds to see like Rock n’ Roll bands, WrestleMania, and giant vegetables. Wait, what was that last one?

A Massive Pumpkin is the Answer 

Everyone loves world records, and we love seeing something weird. Growing a pumpkin that weighs a ton checks off both of these boxes. It also takes skill to accomplish. Now might be the time you entered the giant gourd business. 

There are many online tutorials on how to grow a pumpkin the size of a minivan. Josiah and Mark filmed a video for YouTube and gave their secret tips for growing a 1000 lbs. future jack o’ lantern. Here they are: 

Josiah and Mark’s 5 Tips for Growing Humongous Orange Vegetables 

1. Lots and lots of water 

This doesn’t mean you should just flood it, but you need to make sure there is water an inch down. You also want it to be dry on top. Also, make sure your PH is right. 

2. Vine Training 

Get rid of the third vines coming off, but let the secondary vines grow and bury them. This is easier to understand visually. Check out the video. 

3. Disease and Insect Prevention 

Bugs can ruin the whole plan. Don’t let them destroy your pumpkin. Check on them every day. 

4. Fertilizing and Soil 

Potassium, calcium and boron are the three nutrients you need to grow a big plant. Test the soil and make sure you have these going to the plant. 

5. Positioning 

You can’t let the pumpkin grow and break itself off the vine. 

There you go. Everything you need to become the giant pumpkin growing specialist. Fame and not-stop honors await. 

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