There was a time when people called their grandparents grandma and grandpa, unless you were from a different country. That has all changed now. You can choose whatever you like to have your grandkids call you, as long as they play along and don’t decide to call you “dog” or “butt” or something. 

This site gives you a list of the most popular alternate grandparent names in each state. New Mexico goes for Gram Gram while New York goes with Mom Mom as the most popular nickname for grandma. The most used alternate in the U.S. is Nana and Papa and that is true of Utah. 

Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash
Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

But there is no limit to what people come up with. I like some of the names celebrities use. Kurt Russell is called Gogi by his progeny and Robert Wagner is Nono. Probably what he says when they start running around the Hollywood mansion.  

Martha Stewart is Martha, not that creative. Debbie Reynolds goes by Yaba Daba. Maybe her grandkid is Fred Flintstone. Goldie Hawn is Glam Ma, a good play on words. 

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What do you think Alice Cooper’s grandkids call him? Maybe Creepy or Rock God? Nope, he is Pop Pop. Kind of a disappointment for the guy who changed his name to Alice. But then heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne is Papa to the grands. That’s even less impressive. 

I'm sticking with grandpa. I’m too traditional for all these goofy names. It’s hard to picture my grown-up grandkids calling me Bipoo or Whoopaw every time they see me. Although, Legolas or Aragorn might be alright.  

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