Largest Private Christian University Fined 

The Federal Education Department has leveled a fine of $37 million against Grand Canyon University in Arizona. The department said the university deceived students about what it would cost to get a graduate degree.  

Other universities have been fined before, but this is the largest ever from the government and it isn’t even close. Representatives for GCU believe that the Education Department is going after them for their religious affiliation. 

Non-Profit and For Profit 

Part of the problem is the tax status of the University. It was originally founded as a not-for-profit institution, then changed to for profit, and during the Trump presidency reverted back to non-profit. 

The current administration questions the university's claims of being not for profit as those who were involved with marketing and making money for the university earlier, are still somewhat involved. The Education Department justifies the huge fine as warranted with the number of infractions. 

What Does This Mean for Other Private Universities? 

Officials for Grand Canyon University say other religious institutions should take note of what is happening. If the Federal Education Department can go after GCU, other institutions will be next.  

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This ruling has caught the eye of those who worry about government intervention. In Utah, there is a large private university with a religious affiliation. I’m sure those at BYU are keeping an eye on what is happening in Arizona. 

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