Gold Plates Found in a Stone Vault in Saudi Arabia  

A Christian tour group visiting the Arab Peninsula said they were contacted by some men there who said they found a stone vault containing metal plates and other artifacts. One of the records was on gold plates that were held together by rings. 

Members of the Benai Emunah Instiute talked about their discovery on a show on YouTube called Shabbat Night Live. Here they show pictures of the plates which have seals stamped into the metal containing menorahs and symbols from the temple in Jerusalem.

Many in Utah are Interested in the Discovery

Hearing of gold plates containing Hebrew writings that were buried in the ground has caught the attention of people in Utah, specifically members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The Paul Brothers on their channel talked about the similarities of the plates found in Saudi Arabia with the claims of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. 

Similarities included tree of life images, Hebrew writing mixed with other languages, stone vaults and many records. They point out that this is a group leaving Israel with sacred writings much as the story detailed in the beginning parts of the Book of Mormon. 

More Plates Found 

This isn’t the only plates this Christian group says they have found. They show another set of plates on gold as well as plates on lead. They are fascinated by what they have discovered and are looking at ways to obtain the records and interpret the writing contained there. 

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They claimed the plates date back to 2,000 years ago and possibly older. They note the group who brought them out would have been around the time of Christ, but the records detail events that took place earlier in Israelite history.

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