Flying in a Paramotor 

You have probably seen those parachute flying machines over Southern Utah on sunny days. They are called Paramotors and they give you the ability to fly over and around the bluffs. They are basically a paraglider with a motor and a big propeller attached to a person’s back or a small go-cart. 

Usually they are for one person, although I did ride on one that was made for two. It didn’t need much room to take off and soon we were soaring over the Warner Valley area. It was surreal floating over the fields and bluffs.

What it Takes to Paramotor 

My extensive searches on the internet showed that they cost about $10,000 to get into one. You don’t need a license to fly it, but you do need a certification from a recognized aviation organization that is recognized by the FAA. 

There is an organization called the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) that is a governing body for hang gliders and paragliders. They oversee the certificates and the safety of the sport. They also underwrite the insurance that helps many get into flying paramotors.

Great for Trick or Treaters 

One of the best experiences I have had with these flying machines was at a trunk or treat out in Washington. Guy and Camille Salisbury talked to a few of these guys about flying over and dropping candy for the kids that night. 

Out of the evening sky, three of these paramotors came swooping in and rained candy down on the grass where the kids were running around. They made several passes and it felt like the candy bomber from World War II.  

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It was amazing and fun to watch Bishop Shaheen try to protect the kids from falling Jolley ranchers. It was a memorable night and I highly recommend it, although the good bishop may disagree. 

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