The red rocks in the southwest can have some unique shapes. I love when they look like something like these three examples. 

Eagle Soars in the Grand Canyon 


In the Grand Canyon there is a giant Eagle with its wings spread wide. It looks like something from the Lord of the Rings that would save some hobbits. Of course, it is a formation in the rock that is known as Eagle Point. It is on the West Rim of the canyon on the Hualapai reservation. 

There is a legend behind the eagle:  

Legend has it, in the early years people once lived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and an eagle flew down to warn the people of a great flood. As the eagle flew back up, it stayed near the top of the canyon to watch over the people. Then it turned to stone where it remains to this day. 

You may want to put this on your list of things to see when you visit the National Parks. 

Elephant in the Desert

Elephant Arch is a trail near St George. This moderate hike of a few miles ends at an elephant with its trunk stretching out where you can walk. I can’t find any legend behind it. I am happy to make one up. Say a Woolley Mammoth wandered far from its home in the north and became stone while waiting for it to snow. 

Watcher on the Cliffs 

Bart Taylor
Bart Taylor

This rock formation sits on the red cliffs above diagonal street in St. George. Some dude with a long nose is keeping an eye on the city. My friend Bart pointed this out to me. I had never noticed it before and now it is all I see when I turn from Sunset on to Bluff. 

I think this needs a legend as well. The face’s expression looks kind of stern, almost disapproving. Maybe it is an ancient inhabitant who doesn’t like how big Bluff St. has become. “Does it really need that many lanes?” Or he could be concerned about some of the driving he has witnessed on a busy Southern Utah weekend. 

I would like to hear your interpretation. Also, share any rock formations you have noticed that you think look like something. 

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