Mechanic Base has released their “Best & Worst States to Drive in the U.S.” list for 2023. This looks at where the best places to drive through and it takes in several factors. Here’s what they looked at: 

According to our most recent study, we’ve measured the overall driver’s experience based on indicators such as infrastructure, commute costs, traffic fatalities, weather conditions, safety, and traffic congestion.   

Guess what state is number one over all? You got it. It is Utah.  

Utah ranks 1st overall thanks to having the lowest congestion (4.2), fatalities (8.7/100k), gas prices (4.2 USD/ltr), and high road quality. 

I totally agree with their findings. I drove through the central part of Utah recently and it was a positive experience. The roads are good, the traffic fairly light and the scenery is beautiful. 

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash
Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Next on the list was Nevada followed by Hawaii. It’s not often Utah beats the land of sun and beaches, but there you are. 

Who is at the bottom of the list? What state is better to fly over than drive through?  

New York comes last with heavy traffic, poor infrastructure, and high costs. 

It is awesome to have Utah recognized as the best state to drive through in the entire country. Jump in your car and take a scenic drive-up Highway 89. Enjoy the scenery and ignore that car that has had it’s blinker on for the last 10 miles straight. 

Two Southern Utah Highways Voted Among Best Scenic Drives In America

Here in Utah, we know some incredible roads that will take you through some amazing landscape and provide stunning views. You probably have a list of roads you love for what they offer. The road through the Zion National Park tunnel is a favorite of mine and it’s hard to beat the drive through Cedar Breaks.  

This list of the most scenic highways in the United States by Motor Junkie, has two Southern Utah roads on the list. One I have heard of, the other is new to me.

They have State Route 12 on the list. This highway runs from highway 89 below Panguitch, past Bryce Canyon and over to Escalante. It is an amazing drive with tunnels through the rocks, deep granite canyons, small towns and stunning views. I love this drive.

The second road on this list is much more adventurist because much of it is dirt. I have never heard of this drive, but it looks like it could be amazing, although dusty. It is the White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park. This road winds through deep red rock canyons and over some pretty rugged terrain. 

I’m sure the views are amazing, but I think driving through dust mile after mile could get tedious. I would like to take some time and drive it in a side by side and break up the trip over a few days. It would certainly be something to talk about later. 

I think several more roads in Utah could be included. There are many through the northern mountains that are breathtaking.  Still, I'm glad they picked one of my favorites and let me know about a new one.

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