If you see a little bug in your home or garden that looks gray with a shield on its back, it needs to go. It is an invasive species of stink bug from China and is causing damage to the environment and agriculture in Utah.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was introduced into Pennsylvania in 1996 and has harmed agriculture in the United States for years.

From the USU extension office, they said this about how it has made its way to Utah: 

BMSB has caused severe economic plant damage in other regions of the U.S.; it was detected for the first time in commercial crops (peach orchards) in Utah in 2016 and crop damage was reported in 2017. 

This little bug is also considered a nuisance pest as it will make its way into homes and sheds when the weather gets cooler. Here it will lay its eggs and you will see the infestation in the spring. 

What to do if these stink bugs from Asia infest your home: Well, first of all, don’t smash it. They are called stink bugs for a reason. When they are threatened, they release a chemical to drive away the predator. If you smash them, this smell will now be in your home.  

The Farmer’s Almanac describes how to get rid of stink bugs in your house or garden and how to keep them out. If you see one invading, the best thing is to vacuum it up or sweep it into a bucket. As it is an invasive species, do not release it. Make sure it is not living after you remove it. 

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