I saw a report on Fox 13 TV this week that showed 84,000 drivers have been stopped in Utah so far this year.  What?  We’re only half-way through the year.  3,500 of those drivers were stopped for doing over 100 mph.  I have been guilty of “running with the pack” when driving back and forth between St George and Salt Lake City.  The speed limit is 75 or even 85 in some place and the group I was sharing the road with cheated a little bit above that.  In the middle of nowhere on a straight road under good conditions, it's probably still bad but I can’t say I didn’t drive a little above the posted limit.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t stopped for speeding on a rural interstate or even one of the state highways.  No, I got stopped on State Route 18 approaching Bluff street coming in from Diamond Valley.  As you come down that hill in front of Starbucks, EVERY car – even when coasting – speeds up a little bit.  I never gave it a thought until I had a squad car behind me with the blue and red lights on.  “Surely he’s not after ME!”   Yes, he was.  He said he clocked me at 62 in a 45.

To my surprise, he backed it down to 55 and told me I had the option to go to “Driving School” to keep the points off of my license.  That seemed like a good idea as a penance option.  It’s NOT!   Have you done that online driving school?  It was the most boring 13 hours of my life (that really only took about an hour).  No kidding, I started thinking, “Give me the POINTS!!!”   Both the ticket and the driving school are a good reason to slow down.  Not that I am not into safety too.  Do these signs (below) with the police lights make you slow down?   The first time I saw those police lights come on, it threw me and I felt busted.  This one on Red Hills Parkway makes me cringe every time it lights up.

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