Even the biggest neat freak can gather household items over the years. Old books, baby clothes, notes and letters can pile up in closets and shelves in the garage. My wife thinks I'm funny because I keep scrap pieces of wood just in case I need it for a future project.

She sent me this video and so I know I'm not the only one.

When your collection of household items builds up in your house, it can turn into hoarding. According to those who have studied the disorder, 2% to 6% of people in the United States suffer from this disorder that hampers their ability to let go of items that end up cluttering their living space. 


Hoarders in Each State

I was curious what state has the highest percentage of hoarders and where Utah falls in comparison. Turbo Haul surveyed 1000 Americans and found those who admitted to a tendency to hoard.

The state with the highest percentage is South Carolina with 50% followed by Ohio at 42% and Alabama with 41.7%. New Jersey and Wyoming reported the lowest percentage of hoarders at just 10%.

Photo by Romain HUNEAU on Unsplash
Photo by Romain HUNEAU on Unsplash

Where Utah Ranks on List of Hoarding States

Where is Utah? Right in the middle with 21.9%. Several of our neighbor states are higher so maybe we are dumping all our used stuff on them. 

In studying hoarding as a disorder, they have found it is more common in people over 55 and those who are overweight. They also said it is equally divided between men and women. They have also found those with OCD are more likely to hoard. 

The other interesting finding was that most weren't aware they had a problem until someone pointed it out to them. That is probably why my wife sent me that video. Maybe it is time to toss out my scrap lumber. 

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