There is a group of scientists who believe electricity had an impact on how the world was formed and the evidence can be found on the earth’s surface. According to these scientists, the canyons in Southern Utah show the pattern of electrical discharge. 

This is not how mainstream geology describes how these canyons were formed. They describe a process that took millions of years to carve into the rock by water and wind. However, looking at the electricity can burn the surface on a smaller scale shows the possibilities on a larger scale according to those studying how electricity could affect the earth.

This is a golf course where lightning struck the flag on the green. The electrical charge dissipated through the ground, leaving a pattern in the grass. The charge branches out in fractals, or smaller and smaller branches showing the same pattern.

This same pattern can be seen in the piece of wood that is receiving electrical charge through it. The charge burns a similar fractal pattern into the wood.

Now look at this satellite shot of the Grand Canyon. It looks like electricity had something to do with it. According to these scientists, a strong electrical charge moved through the surface of the earth leaving a fractal scar as it went.

Perhaps there was more to how the canyons around us formed here in Southern Utah. The study of electric discharge may open our minds to new possibilities. It just might mean rethinking the geology we all learned in school. 

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