I have a pool and I like to save money. Owning a pool can be an expensive proposition with all of the chemicals and maintenance. I have learned a few hacks that save me on both. 

Running some electricity through your pool water can save on chemicals and keep algae from forming. It also makes the water feel silky without the chemical smell. Pool Ionizer’s have been around for a while, but the smaller solar varieties are fairly new and can save you money.  

Many of us have backyard pools here in Southern Utah to keep us cool in the desert’s baking heat during the summer. It’s really nice having a body of water close by when the thermometer gets over 110, but it isn’t cheap. Maintaining the right water balance takes time and money. 

Chlorine is the main ingredient used in pools to keep algae and other bacteria from taking over. It can be delivered to the pool through tablets or salt that can be charged to separate the chlorine out. During the last couple years, chlorine has gotten much more expensive. 

Pool ionizers help disinfect pool water by putting copper and silver ions into it. These have a dampening effect on algae and bacteria growth. Although they are not the complete solution, they can cut way down on your use of chemicals. 

In-line pool ionizers can cost as much at $1500, but the smaller solar variety that floats in the pool are around $100 to $200. They aren’t complex and I actually made one off a YouTube video that cost me about $25 bucks. I made it from an old chlorine float I had and a solar panel from Harbor Freight. 

My DIY Ionizer
My DIY Ionizer

I love my pool and I love saving money. This ionizer keeps the water clear and cuts down on my use of chlorine. It may not be right for your pool and you should do some research before you decide. But I have found it a big help.

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