There are many animals you cannot keep as pets in Utah including lions, rattlesnakes and deer.

The law is clear and lists several specific of animals, birds and reptiles that cannot become part of your household. There are also many animals specifically listed that you can keep as pets such as a camel or a lama. 

Not listed on either the permitted or banned lists is the penguin. There may not be a lot of people looking to keep penguins as pets, except for that one guy who fights Batman, and he lives in Gotham. I’m sure part of the reason they are not specifically banned in Utah is because it is already illegal to capture penguins in the world and move them to another country even more so. 

It would be cool to have a penguin waddling around your house. He could slip and slide in the bathtub and make cute penguin noises when he eats. You could take him to formal parties in his little tuxedo and everybody would love it. However, the care and logistics of a penguin as a pet would be a lot.  

They eat up to 500 lbs of fish per year and they live in large colonies. So, unless you wanted a lonely penguin, you would need several of his friends and family as well. Also, a pool with some cool temperatures piped in the middle of summer in Southern Utah wouldn’t be cheap. 

Even though it is not specifically listed in the banned as pets part of the law in Utah, owning a penguin is not going to happen. That’s why I’m looking into getting a manatee. 


Detroit Zoo Reopens Polk Penguin Conservation Center: Look

The Penguins are back home at the Detroit Zoo. The largest penguin facility in the world has reopened to the public. Closed since September 2019, the facility underwent renovations and upgrades that included a section of glass flooring that allows guests to see birds swimming below their feet, repainted rock surfaces, the creation of more nesting areas, a second snow machine within the habitat, upgrades to the water and air filtration systems, enhanced lighting and exhibits that focus on changing climate and the resulting loss of sea ice.
Now, everyone is getting acclimated to their new home and loving every minute, and that includes the visitors to the zoo!
Take a look.

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