We all have people in our lives that are hard to shop for. In my family, we each get a sibling and their spouse to shop for so that we don’t have to buy a present for everyone. I have a big family and it would be rough. 

I have learned from my brother Matt how to do this shopping. He always finds something cool you would never buy but would like to try. These are fun presents to get.

One year I got one of those massive spotlights that plug into your car. I didn’t have a need for a giant spotlight and yet I had a lot of fun when I found the sensor on streetlights that turns them off when they sense daylight. I felt like Dumbledore cruising through the neighborhood turning them off and leaving the street dark. 

Here are three gifts that are along these lines: 

Muama Enence

Translate languages. You just tell it what you are trying to say and it repeats it back in the language selected. Not needed too often, but could be lots of fun. Especially if you had it in an earphone and could hear what others may be saying around you.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360

Rotates your phone while you move around and keeps it centered on your face. This would be a great gift for someone whose grandparents are always asking for face time with the grand kids. Set it on the kitchen counter and go make dinner.


Brushes your teeth for you. You don't need it. The tooth brush works just fine. But it would be fun to slap some paste on the sucker and let it do the work.

There you go. Find something they would never buy that might be fun to try and you will be the hero of Christmas morning. By the way, whoever has me on their list, I've left some pretty big hints here.

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