The heat is coming. We’ve had it pretty easy so far this summer in Southern Utah. The temperatures have been mild up to this point, but I’m sure things will change. It always starts to hit triple digits as we head into July.  

Here’s 13 signs that the heat has arrived in Washington County: 

1. Sand Hollow Reservoir starts billing itself as a hot spring. 

2. ColdStone serves their ice cream with a straw. 

3. People in La Verkin stick their heads in the oven to cool down. 

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4. People start praying for rain to actually hit the ground instead of evaporating.

5. The many carwashes put up signs asking people to only go through in a vehicle. 

6.. You only see tip toe prints at the dinosaur track site because the rocks are so darn hot. 


7. The fish in Quail come out pre-boiled. 

8. The Devil rents out his place in Kayenta because he finds it uncomfortably hot. 

9. People in the fields start wearing AC units in their pants. 


10. Angelica’s offers salsa slushies. 

11. Town Square asks their radio DJs to stop talking to cut down on hot air. 

12. Costco is empty on Saturdays except for the walk-in freezers. 

13. Desert tortoises actually use the tunnels built for them to catch some shade. 


Should you see any of these signs, make sure the AC in your car is working and cuddle up to your freezer. We may not have the humidity of other parts of the country, but this dry heat will turn your skin to beef jerky. Moisturize and hold out until mid-September.  


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