Walking into the Spring Home & Garden Show at the Diamon Z arena in Cedar City, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are times such shows feature many of the same things you would see at a fair in the park with trinkets for sale and bounce houses. I was pleasantly surprised to find the arena packed with booths featuring items and products that would make my home and my garden better. 

There were tools and equipment, backyard islands for barbecuing, paint for the garage and the latest in artificial turf. There were home generators, paving stones, even a building system that works like Legos to build your house. 

One booth showed off a heating system that talks directly to the guy who can fix it and gives him a list of parts so that he already has everything he needs when he arrives. 

If you consider your garden everything in nature outside your front door, there were side by sides and off-road vehicles featured. These machines can get you into the great outdoors without the dust and heat. Of course, if you do want to experience the Southern Utah wilderness and feel the wind in your hair, that is available too. 

Along with all the cool additions to your home and yard, there were those on hand who can make your home improvements happen like lenders and financial help.  

The Iron County Home Builders Association puts on the show and they do it right. There were loads of great prizes like tv’s, grills, tools and so much more that raised money for people who are struggling with cancer.  

Walking around and inspecting the different products, I came away with a list of 10 cool things I found that were innovative or just something I would like to have.

10 Latest Products: Home & Garden Show in Cedar City

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