When the wind blows in Southern Utah it stirs up the dust and sets the pollen free. This can inflame allergies and give you a pounding headache. A woman posted a video on Tik Tok with a hack she swears works for her. A doctor in New York who works with headache patients responded and said what she was doing was a good idea and could be helpful. 

She is soaking her feet in hot water. The doctor explains that warming your feet helps to dilate the blood vessels there. This pulls the blood from your head to your feet lessening the pressure in your noggin. This is has no side effects unless you get the water to hot. Stop if you begin to smell bacon.

I’m willing to try this hack the next time my head hurts and even if the headache doesn’t go away, at least my feet will be really clean. Some of you out there could use a good feet scrub. Your nasty shoe smells are giving other people headaches. 

If you really want to add to the hack, you can add mustard to the water. Some people suggest using vinegar in the water. I couldn’t find any explanation for why the mustard would help, but the lady in the video sounds very confident about it. It makes my hotdog taste better, so I’ll give it a shot. 

There are also remedies that call for cold water and then hot water. According to the doctor from New York, they try many different therapies to see which one works best for the patient.

My solution is to act like I don’t have one. Listening to someone groan about their head usually makes my head hurt. 

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