Every year Wallethub does a list of the most patriotic states in America. This year Utah fell to number 17.

Virginia was number one and Arkansas dead last. They looked at factors like how many citizens serve in the military and the engagement of the citizens. I’m not sure it is too scientific as the states seem to bounce around in the yearly surveys. Utah was ranked 16th last year, 11th the year before that and at number 4 in 2019.  

In this years survey, Utah came in behind Oregon, Colorado and Hawaii. I’m not buying that. I haven’t spent much time in any of those states, but it seems hard to believe they are more patriotic than the beehive state. 

It got me thinking about what city in Utah is more patriotic than others.

In 2021 Brigham City was given an award as one of the most patriotic cities in America. I don’t know if Brigham City has other cities beat in Utah. I have never been in Brigham City on the 4th of July, but I have been in Provo during Independence Day, and they do a week-long celebration.  

There was a time when each city focused on certain Holidays. In Southern Utah, Washington City celebrated Pioneer Day and St George handled the 4th of July. Now every city seems to have their own fireworks going on to celebrate the nation’s birthday. Here’s a link to the many celebrations going on in Southern Utah. 

So after some thoughtful consideration, here’s my very unscientific award for the most patriotic city in Utah. It is La Verkin. Yes, that’s right, the city of La Verkin. They have a parade, a patriotic program and a baseball game with Hurricane that features fireworks afterwards. For a town that size, that’s a lot. Congratulations, you folks are the winner. 

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