Is Utah’s favorite chip giving us bad breath? 

Do you find yourself plagued with bad breath? Do you find yourself surrounded by a fog of halitosis from people talking to you? It may have something to do with Utah’s favorite chip. 

USA Today looked at the most purchased chip in each state. If you are a fan of Fritos, you may be from New Mexico. Nebraska is all about the sleeve, that’s right they purchase Pringles. Minnesota goes way original as they are all about Old Dutch chips. I don’t know if I can even buy those around here. 

So, what do is the chip Utah is purchasing that may affect the quality of air in the state? Utah is buying up the Funyuns, those onion flavored rings. I am surprised that it is the chip bought by the beehive state and I’m not sure I totally believe it, though I do enjoy those crispy yellow crunchies.

There is a chance your bad breath has nothing to do with the bag of Funyuns dipped in fry sauce you just munched down. According to The Daily Meal there aren’t any real onions in the recipe. 

There's no actual onion in the dough, just some onion powder and "natural toasted onion flavor" in the seasoning blend. 

I apologize for blaming all the bad breath in Utah on a product that may be completely innocent. If people pull their shirt above their head when they talk to you, it could be you just need to brush your teeth and nothing to do with Utah’s favorite chip. 

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