Word of a home being stolen in Southern Utah is making the rounds of national news. It was a tiny home in Apple Valley that was discovered missing when a plumber went to work on it. The novelty of a home disappearing is the kind of story that captures the imagination. 

Just for fun, I researched other stories that were funny or weird that originated in Utah. Here are three. 

Woman Signs Up For Wrong SLCC

 A woman in Louisiana went online to sign up for college and thought she was on Southern Louisiana Community College’s page. When she was finished, she realized she had registered for the wrong SLCC when she received an email saying, “welcome to Salt Lake Community College.” They actually flew her to Utah and gave her a tour of the college and the state. 

Clydesdales Lead Funeral For Weak Beer

In 2019, the state changed the law that required low alcohol content in beer sold in Utah. By law, the old weak beer had to be poured out. Budweiser held a funeral possession for the weak beer including pulling it in a wagon with the famous Clydesdales. 

The Brawl With That Starts With A Prayer Ends Up In Supreme Court

A guy playing church ball in a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints church gym suffered a knee injury and tried to sue. The case went all the way to the Utah Supreme Court where it was decided the suit didn’t have merit as swiping at the ball in basketball is part of the game. 

If you see something funny or offbeat happen in your neighborhood, grab a reporter and tell your story. I am always available. Who knows, maybe it will be the next big story from Utah to be talked about around the country. 

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