Research Facility to Further Mars Exploration 

This privately funded research station in the eastern Utah desert seeks to further the exploration of Mars by simulating conditions there. Located by the small town of Hanksville, this facility has been operating since 2019. 

What is it like in the facility? Are there still people living there? Fox 13 sent a reporter to see inside the buildings and talk to the students who were participating in the 299th mission as they do research on what it would be like on Mars.

Who Is Currently Living on Mars in Utah 

The crew living in the research students were from the University of Texas. They carry out missions where they put on spacesuits and travel to parts of the desert to carry out experiments. They were gathering samples of rocks and minerals and getting some drone footage here.

They also live as if it were Mars. They eat freeze dried food and take tunnels to other rooms in the stations. Meanwhile they are crunching numbers and growing plants grown in simulated Mar’s soil.

Can I Schedule My Own Stay on Mars? 

The facility is only for research and to further the prospect of exploring the red planet. Regular humans are warned to stay back. It is not a place for visitors. If you travel along Cow Dung Road, obviously not named by Martians, you can get a look at the place, but it is not open to the public. 

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If they do run out explorers, it would be fun to book a stay there. Especially if they figured out a low gravity simulation simulator. It could be a Mars theme park. 

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