You may not know that Arm Wrestling is a pro sport. It also has up to 50 tournaments throughout the country every year. Here’s another interesting fact, one of the top Arm Wrestlers in the nation lives right here in Southern Utah.  

His name is Chance Holliday and he lives here in Washington. Throughout the year he travels around to different tournaments and competes on a national level. He also trains others who want to learn the sport. 

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“Last week I traveled out to Chicago,” said Holliday. “I competed in the IFA Nationals.” 

The first-place winner in this tournament is sent on to Malaysia to compete in the World’s event. Holliday has competed in many such tournaments throughout his career.

Holliday got started in the sport with his father who had competed in a tournament in Las Vegas. They later met with one of the guys who beat his father in the tournament and went on to train with him in the proper technique.

I asked Holliday about some of the craziest things that have happened as he has competed. There was a time in Idaho where he broke a competitor's arm. He was younger and had gotten out of position and the ref didn’t stop before the arm broke. 

“Down in California we watched a lady, right before she went to pull, broke her arm,” said Holliday. “There is some risk that go with it, but if you stay within your range, and you stay in position, you're pretty safe.” 

Holliday said he competes more as a hobby these days and trains a group of people who want to get into arm wrestling. This group meets on a weekly basis. 

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“Sometimes we will go down as a group to Mesquite. There’s a world champion down there that we train with,” said Holliday. “Here locally we meet at my house on Thursday evenings and there’s some guys that travel in to learn more about arm wrestling.” 

If you are interested, you can join this group. “We take all newcomers, as many arm wrestlers as we can get, we take.” he said. 

You can reach out to Holliday at (435) 669-7423 


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