For the 4th of July, Salt Lake did a light show using drones instead of fireworks. If you have seen these kinds of shows, they are pretty awesome. From the footage taken, the drones make an outline of the state of Utah and then merge into a giant bird spreading its wings. Of course, it is all choreographed to music.

Part of the reason Salt Lake went with drones rather than the traditional fireworks was due to fire danger. The drones can give you a show without lighting the hills ablaze. Now the internet is jumping into the debate. With some of the polls I’ve seen its fairly evenly split with traditional fireworks coming out ahead by 10% or so. 

How would we feel here in Southern Utah if the firework display was replaced with a drone show? Would you be unhappy with that decision? 

I’m more traditional. I like the fireworks and the sounds of explosions, but I also love what they are doing with drones as well.

There was footage of a drone display from China that had a dragon sweeping through the sky. It made me feel like I was watching Gandalf’s fireworks in the Hobbit. I would love to be present at that kind of show.

Here’s my question, is it too much to ask for both? Couldn’t we combine the two? 

I would like to see drones form a giant eagle that swoops down over the crowd in St George, like it is going to snatch a person up in its claws and drop them in the middle of Sand Hollow. Meanwhile, explosions of fireworks ring the display all around lighting up the edges like a firework stadium. Maybe add some of those big gas fireballs that you can feel the heat from 100 yards away. 

I just think we can do an amazing show by keeping the best of what we have and adding the latest technology of drones to enhance it. Just my thoughts on the matter. Go America and Happy 4th of July!!!

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