Washington County School District has a new tax initiative in which they promise to not come to Southern Utah taxpayers and ask for an increase ever again. No more bonds to build schools or raising and lowering taxes in-between. With this initiative the district will become debt free in ten years.

I spoke with Steve Dunham who handles communications for the district, and he explained how it works.  “In the past if we needed to do any major construction, we would have to go to the voters and have them approve a bond. That means they were also approving an increase in their taxes,” said Dunham. “We’ve restructured all of our debt. With what taxpayers paid in 2022, if we go forward and keep it slightly below, and keep it at a steady rate, we will have sufficient for our needs that we won’t have to ask taxpayers for a bond ever again.” 

On the Washington County School District website there is a video explaining how it works, as well as this list outlining the plan: 


  • Shift taxes from one account to another 
  • Taxpayers realize a slight decrease in taxes 
  • The District becomes debt free and more self sufficient 
  • Taxpayers save $10.6 million dollars every year in interest payments 
  • The District pays cash for all new construction, saving taxpayers millions 
  • The District never asks taxpayers to fund a bond for new construction again! 

This plan will reduce costs for the district as well. “The benefit is that instead of paying that interest, we can invest that money into approved investments by the state, very secure, and we’re gaining interest on the money,” said Dunham. “That will supply us with everything we need.” 

This plan will help as Southern Utah continues to grow and the School District builds new schools and facilities without having to come to the taxpayers for new bonds. It will also help the district become financially stable as it becomes debt free.


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