Why Do Good Products Change Their Recipe? 

We humans bond with our food. You probably have a dish your mother or grandmother made that brings back special memories. This food becomes an important place marker in your memories and when you taste it again, it brings it back. 

It is disappointing when someone alters the recipe of the food, and it doesn’t taste the same. This holds true for products we buy at grocery stores. Here are three products that people are unhappy that they have changed. 

Fruit Smiles Made by Great Value at Walmart 

These fruit snacks were affordable and some of the best you could find. Recently the recipe was changed, and people are not happy. There is even a petition on Change.org to get the old version reinstated.  


One of the people unhappy with Fruit Smiles is my daughter-in-law. She says, “The new version tastes like tar and has a foul aftertaste.” One person on Reddit claims the fruit snacks are now made in Turkey and that is why they are different. Whatever the reason, they want the original brought back. 

Cosmic Brownies from Little Debbie's 

These packaged brownie treats were a favorite for school lunch. Many on the internet have noted a change in taste. My daughter-in-law says they now taste like wax. People are also confused about the line that used to be down the middle. Here is a video that might explain some of the changes. 

Twinkies Recipe has Changed 

This spongy treat has been around since the 1940’s but the company who made them went bankrupt in 2012. They were bought out and are being produced by a new company, but the recipe doesn’t resemble the original. 


Most of the dairy products have been swapped out to increase shelf life. People have noticed the change, and many wish they could get the Twinkie they remember. 

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It is a sad day when you bite into a treat you have always loved and discover it isn’t the same, whether it is from the grocery store or just grandma trying something new. This food is tied to our memories, and we aren’t happy when those conflict. 

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