The Curse: Escalante Petrified Forest State Park  

If you visit this state park in Utah you will find Wide Hollow Reservoir, amazing rock formations, and stunning examples of petrified wood. You will also find yourself cursed if you take any of the last one. At least that is what many have come to believe over the years. 

The curse started around the 1930’s when people began to visit the area. It is said that if you take any of the petrified wood home with you, bad luck will be drawn to you like a magnet. It is said the wood is protected by ancient spirits.

Rock Has Been Mailed Back to the Park 

Lest you think this a story made up to keep people from walking home with part of the state park, there is a room in the visitor’s center where people have sent letters detailing their misfortune for taking home petrified wood. People list everything from accidents to life-changing tragedies. 

Many have mailed back what they took to reverse the bad luck coming their way. The park has packages returning petrified from all over the world. And it isn’t just in the past, they still get letters every year from people who regret taking the protected rock. 

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It shouldn’t take a curse to keep your hands off petrified wood from Escalante Petrified Forest, as it is also against the law and an all-around uncool thing to do. If you really want to take it with you, do it in the form of a picture. 

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