Major League Baseball players have always been known for their love of mixed soda drinks, so when I saw a recent player poll published by The Athletic I was surprised.

We've been yammering on for months about the possibility of Salt Lake City getting an MLB team. How awesome would that be! The "Salt Lake Trappers", or something. Utah is a sports crazed but deprived state that would support any Major League sport that comes our way. (Even soccer!)

Twitter @thejazzyute
Twitter @thejazzyute

But apparently, MLB players don't think Salt Lake is as cool as we do.

Per The Athletic (Link to Full Story)

"With the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas becoming incredibly likely, the ranking for potential MLB expansion cities changed. The Athletic polled more than 100 MLB players and asked them which city is best for a new franchise, and Nashville was the overwhelming choice, receiving 69 percent of the vote.

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Montreal (10 percent), Charlotte (5 percent), Austin (5 percent), Portland (4 percent), Vancouver (2 percent) and Salt Lake City (2 percent) also received multiple votes." (The Athletic)

Two percent??

We lost out to Vancouver? Montreal?? Those cities aren't even from America.

Charlotte?? Michael Jordan couldn't even succeed in Charlotte.

And let's not even talk about Portland. We're looking for people who want to watch baseball games, not get aggressive piercings and then go look at some weird art exhibit.

I'm tired of professional players assuming Salt Lake isn't good enough for them.

Do they not realize, at SLC's elevation, they're all gonna hit about 50 home runs a year?

Forget it. Let's just get a hockey team. 

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