Saturdays are hard to kill if you don't have any friends or family. You can only go to Panda Express so many times and it doesn't take up enough time. So what do you do to kill a whole day by yourself in Utah?

This was a question asked by Redditor u/CorrectAd2290.

Here are some of the best answers:

1. Bake Bread

attachment-bread baking

"I have friends but also like alone time. Today was a solo day for me. I:

  • baked bread

  • started a new knitting project while watching a movie

  • went to a local nature trail and foraged rose hips

  • talked to a lady at the trail for a bit to explain what I was doing

  • took a nap

  • did some yardwork

  • made sauce from the rose hips"


2. Coin Collecting

attachment-coin collecting

"Collect coins. It’s cheaper than most hobbies in regards of investment and it can be very time consuming."


3. Grocery Shopping

attachment-grocery shopping

What is this guy rich?

"walk, hike, go to a great library, go to a bookstore, go to a movie, volunteer - so many you can help this time of year, be glad you can drive without snow for now, book a daypass at snowbird and swim, walk a dog, help a food bank - buy groceries and get a free turkey and give it to a foodbank.

join the hated facebook and find families helping families."


4. Work on a Jeep


"I’m building a Jeep. It’s a hobby that will never run out of things to consume your every waking hour. Periodically take it camping in the desert and you’re golden. Also, having a dog helps."


5. Go for a Walk

attachment-Man on walk

"I've been going on walks. I've tried a few different parks and trails around the valley. Good for health and I find it kind of therapeutic."


I like all of these ideas. What do you do when you're alone on a Saturday?

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